Foods For Prostate Health | Control BPH Naturally (Tip 3)

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Prostate Product Reviews

 Foods For Prostate Health Can Control BPH Symptoms and Prostate Cancer Naturally

foods for prostate health   For centuries the Chinese medical practitioners found and used specific foods for prostate health. Through many Chinese dynasties the medical practitioners for the emperor of China had one job. Keep the emperor alive and healthy and keep his ability to procreate working. The emperors health practitioners made sure they searched for only the best foods for prostate health and the reproductive process.

   Through many centuries these medical practitioners developed this philosophy that if you fed the body the right types of nutrition it would heal itself. They learned that the better the nutrition the body had to work with the stronger and healthier the body became. For this reason they combined and enhanced foods for prostate health and the entire reproductive system. Over the centuries they discovered that these foods for prostate health could actually be broken down into three different classes.

  • Poisonous grade plants and herbs.
  • Medicinal grade plants and herbs
  • Food grade plants and herbs

Foods For Prostate Health And The Reproductive Process

   They did this over many centuries of observation, experimentation and time. They had one other major advantage. They had more then 30000 people living in the emperors palace to experiment on. If someone got sick they would use poisonous grade herbs to shock the body, and then medicinal grade herbs to put they body back in control. But it was the food grade plants and herbs that was used to actually feed and nourish the body.

   After they knew for a fact, (since their life depended on it) that a plant or herb had certain properties that either shocked, healed or nourished the body only then did it get fed to the emperor. The emperors medical doctors kept very meticulous records especially on these foods for prostate health and the reproductive system. They in turn passed these formulas down from generation to generation.

As I said earlier the emperor had one main job. It was to procreate. The emperor had hundreds of wives and his job was to make sure they were all taken care of. Night in and night out in succession he had to perform and his reproductive system had to always be nourished and fed. The foods for prostate health and the reproductive process was a high priority.

It was from this job of recording the moment of conception that the Chinese invented the red color for pens so they could mark the exact time of conception in their records.

In other words you had a very busy man who had to be with a different woman or women every night. who needed to eat the right foods so he could heal his body and keep his sexual abilities fine tuned, his prostate healthy and his strength up. This was a very rough job for the emperor. He had to do it all while a doctor was standing there with a red pen, paper, and a watch to record it.

One thing we know from recorded history is that it was the foods for prostate health and reproductive support that kept him healthy and able to heal his body. It was the food he ate that gave him his heart health, his digestive health, circulatory and his reproductive health. His medical doctors knew that by eating the right type of food the body would heal itself.

There Are Many Types Of Foods For Prostate Health

   What type of plants did the emperor if China eat? What types of food did the Chinese eat for centuries that made them some of the healthiest people on earth for centuries?

   Here is the simple answer. They ate fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, soy protein and meat just like we do today. The reason I say simple is that the Chinese were really big in food combining. As I said earlier when they were recording their knowledge of plants and herbs they made an even bigger discovery. They found that some plants they ate worked very well for the digestive system. So they combined them. They found that some plants worked very well for the immune system. They combined those fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs. They also found that some plants worked very well together for the reproductive system including foods for prostate health, the bladder and sexual organs. And they combined those as well.

   So the Chinese ate the same things through out the centuries that we eat today. With one major exception.

   The Chinese didn’t have or use steroids and antibiotics in their meat. They didn’t have pre-packaged foods loaded with preservatives that went into microwaves. They didn’t fertilize their plants with chemicals, load their foods up with fats and sugars and they didn’t over grow their fields.

Foods For Prostate Health Should Be Alive.

   In short they didn’t kill their food before they ate it. The Chinese believed that life, their life, their health, healing and well being came from foods that were alive and didn’t have the life processed out of them.

So why is foods for prostate health so important to you?

   If all you are eating is foods that have had the life taken out of them from modern processing techniques, you have nothing for your cells to repair themselves with. Every time a cell in your body dies it is replaced with a new cell. The cell that replaces the dead cell can either have the right nutrition to work with which has life in it or nourishment that’s has very little life or no life at all to work with.

Foods For Prostate Health Reduces the Chances Of BPH.

   As you age this cycle of cells replacing cells goes on regardless of what you eat. When you add the chemicals and processing to your fruits, vegetables, grains and meats over time it starts to weaken our immune system.

   In the next tip on weight gain and prostate health, I’ll explain weight gain and glucose blood sugar levels and how they increase body inflammation. This inflammation could be the cause of many prostate problems by the way it affects the tissues in your prostate.

   You can start reducing this inflammation by eating the right foods for prostate health. Foods that will support the immune system and foods for prostate health. Over time if you can reduce you chances of ending up with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes cancer, and for many if us prostate problems like BHP.

   The reasons whole foods like fruits and vegetable are so effective in fighting this inflammation is that they are loaded with phytochemicals and phytonutrients. Phytochemicals are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. They are antioxidants that can help repair and heal body tissue. It is estimated that there may be up to as many as 10,000 different phytochemicals having the potential to affect diseases such as cancer, stroke or metabolic syndrome.

   Over processing our foods, microwaving foods, and adding excessive chemicals to our foods starts to break down and destroy these phytochemicals.

There is a very interesting research study on Foods For Prostate Health from John Hopkins University

   Eating more vegetables each day may help stave off benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). That’s the conclusion of a new analysis of data from the long-running Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Volume 85, page 523).
The study, which began in 1986, enrolled more than 50,000 men between the ages of 40 and 75. The men provided information on their medical histories, lifestyle, and dietary habits. This information was updated every four years. Beginning in 1992, every other year the men reported whether they had undergone surgery for BPH. They also filled out the American Urological Association’s BPH symptom index on three occasions.

   A man was considered to have BPH if he had undergone surgery for an enlarged prostate or had a BPH symptom score of 15-35. In the current analysis, men who ate foods for prostate health like the vegetables had a lower risk of developing BPH than men who ate the least. Total fruit consumption was not related to BPH risk. But men who frequently ate fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene, lutein, or vitamin C, including spinach, peas, Brussels sprouts, and peaches, did have a reduced risk of developing BPH.

   As I stated earlier if the nutrition that is replacing the cells in your prostate is loaded with a bunch of toxins, its not the same quality that that created the previous cells your prostate is not going to have the right building blocks to repair itself. That is common sense. Hence you are what you eat. So eats foods for prostate health.

   There are some excellent cookbooks that will help you with the Foods For Prostate health. You can get these cookbboks to help you understand how to combine the right foods together. You can use these cookbooks as a guide to change your eating habits and put you on the right path to healing your prostate cancer , BPH, urinary tract disorders and sexual health.

Here are three excellent cooks to own

eat to live foods for prostate healthEat To Live
by Joel Fuhrman.

   If you are looking for a place to start. A source for learning about food and health start here. You will make this cookbook your go to guide for healthy recipes and healthy eating.

   Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health


eat to beat prostate cancer foods for prostate healthEat To Beat Prostate Cancer
By David Ricketts

   Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook: Everyday Food for Men Battling Prostate Cancer, and for Their Families and Friends. I love to eat! I also like easy to follow recipes that are healthy and quick. And I like a book and especially a cook book that relates to the cancer I had.

   Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook features more than 200 delicious recipes for everything from snacks, sandwiches, and drinks to main-course dishes-all foods that will appeal to the entire family. All while helping you fight Prostate Cancer, BPH, and urinary tract problems.


eating for prostate care foods for prostate healthHealthy Eating for Prostate Care
by Margaret Rayman

   This is a great cookbook that cuts through the typical jargon you find in most cookbooks and gets right to the cooking. At the same time you will find out what foods are loaded with the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to fight prostate cancer



Good reading and great eating

   There are many cookbooks and many sources you can find in our prostate health store. The main thing is that you understand that the foods you eat, the products you drink, the supplements you take can and will have a dramatic affect on your health. The next tip will be about controlling your weight. Weight has a direct affect on how well your prostate works.

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